• Classical Ballet
    Dances should include adage and allegro. Titles, characterisations and hand- held props are not allowed. Costumes should ensure that every aspect of classical technique is clearly visible. Repertoire is not allowed.
  • Stylised Ballet 
    The communication of an idea through movement, danced with Classical Ballet technique when using hand props or with traditional style, such as Hornpipe, Spanish, Scottish, Tarantella. Soft or pointe shoes must be worn.

Please note that Classical Ballet and Stylised Ballet will be danced and judged together but entrants may only perform one dance from these two disciplines. Stylised Ballet is open only to entrants aged 11 years or more on the qualifying date.


CBS1      6 years         1.5 mins

CBS2      7 years         1.5 mins

CBS3      8 years        1.5 mins

CBS4      9 years        1.5 mins

CBS5     10 years        1.5 mins

CBS6     11 years          2 mins

CBS7      12 years        2 mins

CBS8     13 years         2 mins

CBS9     14 years         2 mins

CBS10   15 to 19            2 mins


Modern Ballet

A fusion of Modern and Classical Ballet genres, combining the classical technique, which may be performed with a parallel line of leg and contemporary movement. This form may be performed bare foot but usually requires the use of soft or pointe shoes.



Technically, the work may reference Limon / Horton / Graham / Cunningham / Release / Flying Low / GaGa or any other recognised Contemporary technique and be underpinned with a strong classical base. The work should show an understanding of choreographic content and a clear reference to the defined principles of contraction and release, fall and rebound, use of breath and gravity and successive or initiated movement. Whilst there is an athletic strength to the work, acrobatic work should be minimal and used only to enhance the choreographic idea.

Please note that Modern Ballet and Contemporary will be danced and judged together but entrants may only perform one dance from these two disciplines.


MCS8                    13 years                  2 mins

MCS9                     14 years                 2 mins

MCS10       15 to 19 (inclusive)      2 min

Classical Greek


Performed barefoot and essentially showing the use of opposition and relaxation through the movements. Technique should be based on the syllabus set by Ruby Ginner. Dances should reflect the title. Myths and nature themes are acceptable provided the movements are given their appropriate interpretation that relates to one or more of the seven different styles in this technique.

CGS1           6 years                1.5 mins

CGS2           7 years                1.5 mins

CGS3           8 years                1.5 mins

CGS4           9 years                1.5 mins

CGS5           10 years              1.5 mins

CGS6          11 years                2 mins

CGS7          12 years                2 mins

CGS8          13 years                2 mins

CGS9          14 years.               2 mins

CGS10      15 to 19 (incl.)    2 mins



All traditional music, songs and technique appropriate to the country of choice are acceptable. Authentic costume and footwear should be worn. Younger competitors are expected to demonstrate traditional performances. Seniors may introduce more theatrical performances, provided they are clearly based on correct technique of the nation being danced.


NAS1       6 years           1.5 mins

NAS2.     7 years.           1.5 mins

NAS3.     8 years           1.5 mins

NAS4.     9 years           1.5 mins

NAS5     10 years          1.5 mins

NAS6     11 years             2 mins

NAS7     12 years            2 mins

NAS8     13 years           2 mins

NAS9     14 years.           2 mins

NAS10    15 to 19 (inc.)  2 mins




A dramatic, artistic or sometimes humorous presentation of either a story/character from any book, poem, play, film, history, cartoon, original created theme etc, or the mannerisms and essential features of animals, birds, reptiles, insects, virus and topical interpretations of abstract themes. Appropriate technique for the character should be used.


CHS1           6 years             1.5 mins

CHS2           7 years             1.5 mins

CHS3           8 years             1.5 mins

CHS4           9 years             1.5 mins

CHS5         10 years            1.5 mins

CHS6         11 years            2 mins

CHS7         12 years            2 mins

CHS8         13 years            2 mins

CHS9         14 years            2 mins

CHS10.     15 to 19 (inc.) 2 mins


An all-inclusive term applied to an ever-evolving performing art. It includes lyrical modern, jazz, stage, contemporary, hip-hop and all styles of modern theatre dance. Acrobatic, gymnastic and street dance are also acceptable when combined with a recognisable dance technique and a theatrical quality. All routines should observe safe dance practice.


In classes MOS6 and MOS7, dancers can enter both a Jazz/ Modern and Lyrical Jazz/ Modern solo. These must be contrasting.


MOS1                    6 years                  1.5 mins

MOS2                    7 years                  1.5 mins

MOS3                    8 years                  1.5 mins

MOS4                    9 years                  1.5 mins

MOS5                 10 years                   1.5 mins

MOS6                 11 years                    2 mins

MOS7                 12 years                    2 mins

MOS8                 13 years                    2 mins

MOS9                 14 years                    2 mins

MOS10        15 to 19 (Inc.)               2 mins



Based on Modern technique, Lyrical Modern should show flowing movements that express the emotion of the music. Gymnastic and acrobatic work is not allowed.


Please note that for entrants aged up to 12 years on the qualifying date, Modern and Lyrical Modern will be danced and judged together but entrants may only perform one dance from these two disciplines. Lyrical Modern will not be accepted in Modern classes for entrants aged 13 years or more on the qualifying date.


LMS8              13 years               2 mins

LMS9              14 years               2 mins

LMS10         15 to 19 (Inc.)       2 mins


All styles and developments in technique, including characterisation and humour, are encouraged providing the projection, beating and presentation of the routine is fully sustained and appropriate.



TAS1                 6 years                1.5 mins

TAS2                 7 years                1.5 mins

TAS3                 8 years                1.5 mins

TAS4                 9 years                1.5 mins

TAS5                10 years              1.5 mins

TAS6                11 years                  2 mins

TAS7                12 years                  2 mins

TAS8                13  years                 2 mins

TAS9                14 years                  2 mins

TAS10              15 to 19 (inc.)       2 mins


The song sets the scene, mood and style of the dance. Pitch and accuracy whilst singing are essential and the dance should relate to the words of the song. The dance should provide continuity and reflect the words of the song, which should be sustained throughout. The overall performance should show a combination of song, dance and drama/acting.


SDS1                      6 years                    2 mins

SDS2                      7 years                    2 mins

SDS3                      8 years                    2 mins

SDS4                      9 years                    2 mins

SDS5                    10 years                    2 mins

SDS6                    11 years                    2.5 mins

SDS7                    12 years                    2.5 mins

SDS8                    13 years                    2.5 mins

SDS9                    14 years                    2.5 mins

SDS10               15 to 19 (inc.)            2.5 mins


Woking Festival of Dance offers the following classes for Acro and Street but it should be noted that these disciplines do not form part of the All England Dance Competition.



Acro dance includes smooth, graceful transitions between dance and acrobatic movements or tricks. The dance being performed must have a significant proportion of dance movement with respect to the amount of acrobatic content. The dance disciplines used to create the dance combinations in Acro routines are founded in ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern dance. Acrobatic Dance routines can use props which must be brought on and off stage by the dancer(s). Acro tricks may include Walkovers, Cartwheels, Balances, Limbers, Contortion, Tumbling, and Aerials. All acrobatic tricks must be performed in a safe manner, without the use of mats or spotting.


ACS1                   6 years                       1.5 mins

ACS2                   7 years                       1.5 mins  

ACS3                   8 years                       1.5 mins

ACS4                   9 years                       1.5 mins

ACS5                  10 years                       1.5 mins

ACS6                  11 years                          2 mins

ACS7                  12 years                         2 mins

ACS8                 13 years                          2 mins

ACS9                 14 years                          2 mins

ACS10          15 to 19 years (Inc.       2 mins






Street Dance is a fusion of various dance forms, mixing together various elements from many different dances from hip-hop, popping, locking and break dancing to elements of jazz, contemporary and commercial dance, which may incorporate gymnastic and acrobatic work, making it into a fast, physical, funky and exciting form of dance


STS3          8 years                          1.5 mins

STS4.        9 years                           1.5 mins

STS5         10 years                         1.5 mins

STS6          11 years                             2 mins

STS7          12 years                             2 mins

STS8.        13 years                             2 mins

STS9          14 years                            2  mins

STS10        15 to 19 years (inc)   2 mins



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